About Us

acgtMedia, LLC is a small independent publishing company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that was founded in 2013. Our goal is to create online resources for students interested in making informed decisions about higher education. Here is what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

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    Great Content is in Our DNA

    For us, content comes first. We focus on creating truly great content for our users. If we can’t create the best content on the Internet for a given subject, we won’t create it at all.

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    Propriety Data and Research

    Our sites are built on proprietary data that we collect and confirm through our own research. We spends months collecting data for our sites. Great data is also in our DNA.

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    Targeted and Relevant

    We create niche websites with a clearly defined scope, which enables us to write focused and effective content on subjects that are highly relevant to our target readership.

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    Answer Important Questions

    Pursuing higher education requires a major investment of both time and money, which is why we focus on creating content that answers real questions students have about degree programs.

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    Thorough and Comprehensive

    We believe comprehensive resources are key for students to find the programs that best fit their needs and goals. If a school offers an applicable program, it will be on our sites.

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    Complete Control of Quality

    While we know it is impossible, we strive to be 100% accurate in all the content we create. That is why we do our own research, write all of our content in house, and regularly update our sites.

Meet the team

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    Aaron Tooley

    Founder and CEO

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    Kaitlin Louie

    Managing Editor